Welcome to Pearce Corrugated Consulting!

Tom Pearce has been in the corrugated container industry for 35 years, focused in manufacturing management.

Twelve (12) years have been in a Director position with two large integrated companies.

Smurfit Stone- Director of Engineering; 2+ years, Accomplishments include:
  • Leading the engineering team through one of the largest capitalization projects in company and industry history.
  • Two new plant site start ups with “World Class” design and equipment, operating at a 2 bsf output pace within the first six months of operation.
  • Eight total corrugators installed and operational within an 18 month period. Six installations included expansion or new sites.
  • Built the strongest Engineering Team in the corrugated industry.
  • Recognized by Smurfit Stone for the “Operational Excellence” team award for Performance Excellence in 2008, capital project execution.

Weyerhaeuser Company- Director of Manufacturing; 9+ years, Accomplishments:
  • Leading the Manufacturing team through acquisitions of Westvaco, MacMillan Bloedal and Willamette.
  • Waste and quality reliable methods implementation, and results achieved Weyerhaeuser expectations within one year of acquisition.
  • Responsibility for Regional Manufacturing managers, Quality, Environmental, Engineering, and the Continuous Improvement Process.
  • Responsible for the Business manufacturing reliable methods documentation, distribution and execution auditing.
  • Leading the manufacturing team education and expectations resulted in the Weyerhaeuser Company top 10% industry position in manufacturing productivity.
  • Leading the Production Manager training program and achieving high levels of successful candidates for future production management.
  • Designed, built and implemented the Weyerhaeuser Education Center in Bowling Green. KY.
  • Leading the Strike Contingency planning team and managing work stoppages with replacement workforces.